Photography blog: behind the scenes of Brave New Photos

by Michele Seghieri

Behind the scene of the Brave New Photos photography blog, you can find me!

“Who?” you’d say. It’s a really good question!

My name is Michele Seghieri, 35-years-old, and I am a fashion and beauty photographer from Italy. I am a professional retoucher too, like most photographers today.

Why Brave New Photos?

I’ve been inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World to choose the name of my photography blog. I am a big fan of Huxley, but there’s no connection with the story or the philosophy of that novel. Indeed, I just love how it sounds.

I hope you like it too!

About me

Digital photography art by Michele Seghieri, titled Coffee Break (copyright 2009)
Coffee Break (©2009)

Wanna hear my story? Although it is not very intriguing, I am happy to talk a little bit about myself!

I studied photography in Florence at the Liberal Academy of Fine Arts.

Since I was at the university, I have worked on several artistic projects. Firstly staged photography, self-portraits, still life, photo manipulations, and photographic series were my way of expressing myself. Starting a photography blog has always been in my head, but I had other priorities at the moment. I worked a lot on creative photography and tried to do my best to learn as much as possible about all aspects of Photography.

Film photography

I started to develop film and print my photos in the darkroom. I own many different old cameras and lenses, in particular cheap medium format cameras with light leaks and a not wholly controllable output. It was a big passion; I have also built a couple of pinhole cameras working with film and paper.

I didn’t use the darkroom anymore, but I think it’s one of the most beautiful feelings that photography can give you. Seeing your photo take form is highly relaxing. In a world where you must run to create more and more content for social media, film photography is not an option anymore. Some fantastic wedding photographers and artists still work with film cameras. But it’s too expensive and requires too much time to keep reasonable prices, especially for extremely high-quality photos.

For me, film photography is a long, cathartic process similar to meditation. You must wait and can’t rush. Oh my God, I think I will start again and set up a new darkroom! I found writing about photography, in some way similar to print in the darkroom. That’s why I decided to start this photography blog.

Even if I love film, in the end, I prefer digital photography. I wanted to become a photographer to take photos and retouch them with software like Adobe Photoshop.

My first photography job

My first experience as a professional photographer has been with photogrammetry and 3D model textures for a research lab. After a couple of years, I decided to start my career in fashion and advertising. I specialized in fashion and beauty photography and retouching. I never stopped producing my artistic photos.

What photography means for me

I shoot people, but I don’t hurt them.

The expression that fully represents me is: “I shoot people, but I don’t hurt them.” Yes, it’s obviously a joke, but it is pretty serious too. I usually don’t take anything seriously, and I always joke. But there is always a more profound meaning!

I’m not too fond of any form of prejudice, and I want to know all the variables before judging something or someone. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion. This thing makes us grow as people, and as photographers too!

What to expect from my photography blog

I recently decided to share my personal experience with this photography blog. My English is far from perfect, but I will do my best to be understandable. My goal is to write interesting original photography posts and opinions you cannot already find online.

Apart from this, I will write technical posts to go a little deeper into a specific topic that could be helpful for your photography.

Why I’m doing this? Because a photographer and I love to talk about photography. I desire to share my experience and knowledge with you. I will try to write my blog articles as I usually speak. Usually, I like to get straight to the point, and I always strive for an honest opinion.

Like anyone else, I can be wrong. I just can say that I will pay attention not to commit any errors. If I say something wrong or imprecise, please let me know!

As a photographer, I always strive to get the best photos for that situation. This means we do not need the most expensive equipment unless there’s no other option.

Photography blog article ideas I want to cover

  • Photography in general: theory and techniques
  • Photography tips, especially a guide about portraits, fashion, beauty, and glamour
  • Lighting schemes and tips about light
  • How to become a better photographer
  • Best photo equipment tips: what camera, lenses, and gear features fit your needs, product reviews
  • Retouching techniques, creative retouching, and tutorial
  • Portfolio and retouching reviews
  • Share my original raw files and high-resolution images with rights of use
  • Photography Software: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One and their features
  • Retouching equipment: graphic tablet, PC vs. Mac, Laptop
  • Free actions, presets, and pictures to learn how to use them
  • Editing: how to pick the right image
  • How to get inspired by other photographers, find inspiration, and develop your personal style
  • Create a community of not too serious people that share photography as their full-time job/passion
  • Film cameras

This is just an ordinary fashion and glamour photographer’s blog. Please, remember that!

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